About Me

Currently, I am a research scientist at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research. I'm interested in understanding learning and decision-making (human and machine) particularly in social situations. I am also interested in causal inference, experimentation, active learning and causal discovery, which I view as important components for having truly smart decision-makers.

I spent 2 years working on Facebook News Feed where I helped started the data science team. We worked on, among other things, advanced experimentation techniques, understanding network effects and improving the way we measure various outcomes. This Slate piece does a great job of describing some of our work, including our human evaluator program. This Fortune article reports on our work on clickbait detection.

I'm a huge fan of data science for civic improvement and social good. Check out a cool project a bunch of us built at a hackathon sponsored by Bayes Impact.

My work has been published in a number of academic journals and I've written popular press articles for WIRED and New York Times.

Before Facebook I was a joint post-doc with David Rand at the Human Cooperation Lab (Yale Psychology) and Martin Nowak at the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics (Harvard Biology). I completed my PhD in Economics at Harvard University under the watchful eyes of Al Roth, Drew Fudenberg, David Laibson and Uma Karmarkar.



"Improving pairwise comparison models using Empirical Bayes" (with Stephen Ragain and Johan Ugander) Under review [Arxiv Coming Soon!]
"Maintaining cooperation in complex social dilemmas using deep reinforcement learning" (with Adam Lerer) Under review [Arxiv]
"Consequentialist conditional cooperation in social dilemmas with imperfect information" (with Adam Lerer) ICLR 2018 [Arxiv]
"Learning causal effects from many randomized experiments using regularized instrumental variables" (with Dean Eckles) WWW 2018 [Arxiv]
"Prosocial learning agents solve generalized Stag Hunts better than selfish ones" (with Adam Lerer) Poster at AAMAS 2018 [Arxiv]
"In-Group favoritism caused by Pokemon Go and the use of machine learning for principled investigation of potential moderators" (with Dave Rand) (Under review) [SSRN PDF]


"Multi-Agent Cooperation and the Emergence of (Natural) Language" (with Angeliki Lazaridou and Marco Baroni) ICLR 2017 [Arxiv]
"Using methods from machine learning to evaluate models of human choice under uncertainty" (with Jeff Naecker) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2017) [Working Paper PDF]
"Paying (for) Attention: The Impact of Information Processing Costs on Bayesian Inference" (with Xiaosheng Mu and Scott Kominers) [Working Paper PDF]
"Detecting heterogeneous treatment effects by combining observational and experimental data" (with Akos Lada) [Arxiv]


"The Good, the Bad, and the Unflinchingly Selfish: Cooperative Decision-Making Can Be Predicted with High Accuracy Using Only Three Behavioral Types" (with Ziv Epstein and Dave Rand) EC2016 [PDF]
"Recency, Records and Recaps: Learning and Non-equilibrium Behavior in a Simple Decision Problem" (with Drew Fudenberg) EC2014) reprinted in "Best of EC" Transactions on Economics and Computation (2016) [Working Paper PDF] [Online Supplement] [Journal Version]


"When Punishment Doesn't Pay: 'Cold Glow' and Decisions to Punish" (with Aurelie Ouss) Journal of Law and Economics (2015) [Working Paper PDF]
"Asymmetric Impacts of Favorable and Unfavorable Information on Decisions Under Ambiguity" (with Uma Karmarkar) Management Science (2015) [Working Paper PDF] [Journal Version] [Data and Code]
"Habits of Virtue: creating norms of cooperation and defection in the laboratory" (with David Rand) Management Science (2015) [Working Paper PDF] [Journal Version] [Data and Code]


"Cooperating with the future" (with Oliver Hauser, David Rand and Martin Nowak) Nature (2014) [Published Version] [Data and Code]
Nature video summary available here (it's good)
"Humans display a 'cooperative phenotype' that is domain general and temporally stable" (with Martin Nowak and David Rand) Nature Communications (2014) [Working Paper PDF] [Journal Version] [Data and Code]
"Why We Cooperate" (with Jillian Jordan and David Rand) Jean Decety & Thalia Wheatley (eds.) “The Moral Brain: Multidisciplinary Perspectives” (2014) [Working Paper PDF]
"Social Heuristics Shape Intuitive Cooperation" (with David Rand, Gordon Kraft-Todd, George Newman, Owen Wurzbacher, Martin Nowak and Joshua Greene) Nature Communications (2014) [Working Paper PDF] [Journal Version] [Data and Code]
"How to Commit (If You Must): Commitment Contracts and the Dual-Self Model"
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2014) [Working Paper PDF] [Journal Version]


"A Note on Proper Scoring Rules and Risk Aversion" (with Mikkel Plagborg-Moller) Economics Letters (2012) [Ungated Working Paper] [Journal Version]

Popular Press

"How Not To Drown In Numbers" (with Seth Stephens-Davidowitz)
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"Games Head to the Lab" (with David Rand)
WIRED UK "The World in 2014" [PDF]
"Small is Good When It Comes to Data Creation" (with David Rand)
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