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Training a small reinforcement learning model.

Alexander Peysakhovich

Currently I am a Researcher in Residence (Chief Matrix Multiplier?) at Sutter Hill Ventures.

Before this I was a Research Scientist at Meta AI Research (aka. FAIR) working on AI/machine learning. Before that I was the technical lead of the Facebook "Feed Science" team. Before that I got my PhD in Behavioral Economics from Harvard.

I have done research on a bunch of different topics (mostly because I am lucky to have lots of smart co-authors). I also really like to use machine learning to build useful things. Here I will list some highlights. Please use the links below to see my full publication list.

You can reach me at alex (dot) peys (at)

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Basic Research Interests

  • Working with graph structured data
  • AI agents that can cooperate with new partners
  • Causality
  • Economics and machine learning
  • Learning about human preferences
  • Reinforcement learning